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Shadecraft is a South Island company producing a wide range of attractive and affordable shade solutions tailored to your exact requirements. Whether for your home, school or business, Shadecraft can meet all your weather protection needs in a range of sizes, styles and colours.

Shadecraft have considerable experience in the design, manufacture and installation of shade and weather protection structures. Your needs combined with our expertise, will transform your ideas into reality with an absolute minimum of effort on your part.

If you are looking for top quality shade solutions in Otago, Southland or Canterbury, do it the easy way.

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Shade Sails

Adding a shade sail creates a more versatile outdoor environment. The flexible nature of shade sails means they can cover a large area with a minimum of construction effort and cost. A great long term solution when time and money are at a premium and appearance is paramount.

Shade sails provide sheltered areas for homes, schools, childcare centres, sporting facilities, car parks and many other applications.

Our range of shade sails offer the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance free, long life performance.

One of the most attractive aspects of shade sails is the range of colours available. From neutral colours of whites and grays, to cool colours of greens and blues, to vibrant reds and oranges, there is a colour to perfectly match your environment.

Eclipse Canopies

Eclipse canopies are a great new concept in outdoor shade and weather protection and are a firm favourite with schools where the safety of children is paramount. Eclipse can be free standing, with concrete footings, attached to most existing buildings or even span between two buildings without the need for posts. A very versatile shading solution for large coverage areas.

Every Eclipse canopy is constructed from a sturdy rectangular steel frame, galvanised and finished in your choice of powdercoated colour with a super tough polycarbonate roof sheeting in one of two tints. Polycarbonate provides 99% protection from the sun’s rays and will withstand hailstones up to 25mm in diameter.

Every Eclipse is custom-made to suit each individual installation and they conform to local body requirements which enables permits to be granted with a minimum of delay.

Giant Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a favourite summertime choice for protecting your favourite patio or poolside lounging spot, or your children’s play area.

With an appropriately coordinated fabric colour, they will create that oasis feel will entice you to utilise their shaded area. You can rest easy knowing that your little ones are playing safe while you can relax on your recliner next to the pool sipping your wine and anticipating the aroma coming from the BBQ, all free from that annoying UV.

Our giant 6.8 metre umbrellas can be centre or side post mounted. The side post version can be rotated 360 degrees for precise positioning. The quality 99% UV shadecloth can be replaced with a waterproof fabric if required.

A large selection of canopy and frame colours are available to choose from.

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Ferrari Canopies
The ShadeCraft “Ferrari” arched canopy system is a concept that enables the use of your outdoor areas all year round, providing protection from the harsh summer sun and the winter rain and wind. Constructed from powder coated tubular steel frame, with a drum tight PVC membrane in a range of colours stretched tightly over the frame, Ferrari has the durability to cope with any weather condition. Component based assembly means fast construction with no on-site welding. Ferrari canopies can be freestanding or attached to existing buildings. And with a maximum span of 8 metres and no limit on length, these attractive canopies will cover almost any area. With a range of 30 colours, Ferrari offers you the widest choice of contrasting or matching colours guaranteed to compliment any unique structural design.

Our cantilever carports are extremely artistic, functional and will compliment any architectural style. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and finished in classy ‘Urban Grey’ anodising, these structures are built to last. Impact resistant, translucent polycarbonate roof sheeting lets light through while eliminating 100% of harmful UV rays and also reducing heat radiation by 75%. A number of configurations are available from a single cantilever, a double cantilever as pictured to the right, or an arch configuration which moves the support columns to the outside of the protected area. Our carports are NOT just for carports. These cantilever structures are great for patios, pool areas, walkways, BBQ areas, decks, outdoor entertaining areas and so on. The possibilities are endless.